10 simple tips for good health in this 2018

Surely you have already seen lots of lists and admonitions on how to lose weight, quit smoking or be better in this year that begins.
Some tips are too confusing, others intimidate, and there are others who are flat fools.
Although we admit that there is no magic pill, exercise or simple desire to make you a healthier person, we think there are some simple steps that will help you reach that goal .
Therefore, compared to the wide range of possibilities that opens in 2018, these are our 10 favorite tips:
1. Visualize
It’s what I usually do before I go for a swim and the pool looks very long and the water seems very cold.
I think: “Well, in 30 minutes (or 20, or 15), I can still be here or I could have finished already”.
It has not happened to me that I continue there.
When you look to the future, use a similar thought formula. “By December 31st, I will have [space to fill] …. or still standing here thinking about doing it. “
2. Breathe
It sounds simple, and essentially it is, but not as much as it seems. When we are tense, scared or in the middle of an exercise, we tend to hold our breath.
Concentrate on inhaling deeply through the nose and then exhale. That will calm you, reduce your heart rate and help you be in the present and now.
3. Start each day with a little exercise
We are not talking about a heavy exercise, but something to warm blood and muscles.
For example, 50 scissor jumps, 10 squats, 5 push-ups or a simple yoga pose.
4. Try something new
I decided to enroll in a spin class, which I had never done before. And you know what? I liked!
The same thing happened with the bar class that I started attending a few months ago, and now every Tuesday I count the hours before re-torturing my muscles again.
5. Salt outdoors
Exit is related to a lower incidence of depression, better mental health and optimism. Breathe nature and you will see what you think.
6. Sleep
Little importance is given to sleep, but we all need it, and in some days even more than exercise. So do not skimp on the dream.
If you can not sleep, or if you wake up and can not go back to sleep, try the following: Inhale at the count of four, hold your breath at the count of four, and exhale at the count of four.
I bet you will repeat it only a few times before falling asleep like a log.
7. Move
Are you sitting in the church, in the cinema and at the desk? Lift your feet off the floor and hold them like this for a few seconds; or lift them up and lower them several times. Or lift one at a time.
Do you feel how your abdominal muscles are activated and those of your legs are tense?
When you are standing in line, raise your heels, your toes, move slightly over your place.
Do you go by car on a long road trip? Tense the abdominal muscles for a few seconds, then release them.
While you heat the coffee, do squats, or push-ups leaning on the table.
In other words, there is always a way to move, and all that helps the body and the mind.
8. Stand still
There are times that all you need to close your eyes and taste, absorb a symphony, a taste, a smell, a breath, a moment.
9. Do your homework
Maybe someone told you that leaving gluten is the best, or heard that the only good carbohydrate is the one that does not exist.
Or that they have just opened a gym where a supposed expert promotes an exercise with a very strange name.
Before you change your diet or adopt something because it worked for someone else, stop. Investigate; make questions. (Did you know that fruits contain carbohydrates and that gluten-free food is not for weight loss?).
10. Put it in writing
Your goals, your thanks, your hopes and dreams.
You can believe that you will remember, but it is very possible that when you look back in 365 days, you will say sorry: “Sure, I had forgotten”.
And a pylon advice:
Be good, look for reasons of joy, of optimism.
This wraps all the other tips in a warm cocoon. Any sample of kindness, like giving thanks, a smile, a compliment, will be remembered (will we dare to say that forever?).
Joy abounds and can be found in almost any situation. And who is not taken seriously?
So we started the next 12 months, a little dizzy and very enthusiastic. After all, a new year awaits our footprints, our laughter, our tears.

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