Alfa Romeo Giulia B-Tech 2.2 D – There’s more

Alfa Romeo Giulia B-Tech 2.2 D - There's more

Alfas Giulia is designed for driving pleasure like hardly any other upper middle class model. Even a potent diesel awakens the desire for more.

The sedan is the classic among the car formats. Many are boring and stuffy. Not so Alfas Giulia. Even three years after its launch, the Diva can beguile with well-proportioned packaging and emotional aura. Therefore, this remains untouched for the time being, only the inner values ​​of the new model year has done a little: So there is recently the sporty accented trim level B-Tech, which can be combined, inter alia, with a 2.2-liter diesel. With the conversion to Euro 6d-Temp he has got a power increase from 7 kW / 10 hp to 140 kW / 190 hp. That sounds like a lot, but the dynamic basic being of the Giulia actually demands more power.

Not only the exterior optics are in the mood for a pleasurable ride, the interior also meets dynamic requirements in a special way. The is tidy, clean processed, largely in black and garnished with carbon applications. Also sporty is the seating position. The taut but pleasant stalls offer plenty of lateral support, the cockpit is driver-centered. In almost every detail, the ergonomics were designed for active driving. And at work, everything is there where you would expect. However, the engine start button on the left side of the steering wheel has an unusual position.

A short push awakens the 2.2-liter diesel from sleep. The diesel engine grunts, but not intrusive his work. Already in the first few meters, the vehicle appears taut, binding and more open-minded to left-right maneuvers. The diesel presses neatly, but does not kindle the fire that one would expect given the sinewy nature of the Giulia. When requesting power, the eight-speed automatic torque converter occasionally ensures shorter seconds of commemoration. Nevertheless, one quickly reaches the speed of 200, above that the speed increase is restrained. Only at 230 km / h is the upper limit reached. Even then, the 1.6-tonner gives a safe driving experience. The driving and wind noise, however, increases significantly beyond the 160 km / h. Still, it’s fun to be fast on the diesel. Accordingly, it will practically drive the standard consumption of 5.0 liters by three or four liters upwards.

Although the Giulia gives a very direct feel, its suspension swallows bumps smoothly away. However, a litter is not the Alfa, a family car either. Four average-sized adults are accommodated here, but larger guests are likely to lack knee-length in the rear. Especially since the massive Kardantunnel restricts the footwell. Even the trunk of the crisply proportioned rear will hardly put the cargo space fetishists in ecstasy.

For spoiled at least 44,500 euros expensive B-Tech with various equipment details. Basically on board are bi-xenon headlights, 18-inch wheels, electrically adjustable seats, park beeper all around, Abstandstempomat and the audio infotainment system with 8.8-inch display. If additional extras such as navigation or sports and performance package ordered, the price can be increased by a five-figure sum and easily drive towards the 60,000-euro mark.

Alfa Giulia B-Tech 2.2 Diesel – Specifications:
Four-door saloon with five seats, length: 4.64 meters, width (with exterior mirrors): 2.02 meters, height: 1.42 meters. Wheelbase: 2.82 meters, weight incl. Driver: 1,610 kg, trunk volume: 480 liters.
Drive: Four-cylinder diesel with turbo, displacement: 2,143 cc, 140 kW / 190 hp, maximum torque: 450 Nm at 1,750 rpm, eight-speed automatic, rear-wheel drive. Vmax: 230 km / h, 0-100 km / h in 7.1 seconds, average fuel consumption: 5.0 l / 100 km, CO2 emissions: 131 g / km. Efficiency class: B, emission class: Euro 6d-Temop Base
price: from 44.500 Euro

Alfa Giulia B-Tech 2.2 D – Short description:
Why: Because it looks nice and fast and also goes like this
Why not: Because you can do without the emotional kick
What else: BMW 3 Series, Mercedes C-Class, Audi A4, Jaguar XE

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