Colon cancer risk is increased by shift work

Colon cancer risk is increased by shift work

Night shifts not only have unpleasant effects on your social life, but also on your health. Women in particular are suffering from late work, researchers have now found. They increase the risk of colon cancer.

A research team from the USA, China and Austria has analyzed the relationship between working hours and the risk of colorectal cancer in a recent study, reports the online news magazine. The results of the study were published in the journal “International Journal of Cancer” .

Shift work and a colorectal cancer risk are related
The international team of scientists evaluated the data of 190,810 women for their study in more detail. The data covers a period of 24 years. All subjects were nurses who worked in changing shifts. So they were in action both during the day and at night.

The researchers defined night shift so that the women worked at least three nights a month. The result of the study shows that in 1965 women actually had colorectal cancer.

The long-time work in night shift over a period of over 15 years increases the risk of getting colorectal cancer. The study shows that the possibility of a tumor in the rectum increases by 60 percent.

In nocturnal work often unhealthy diet in the game
The researchers in this international study also mention that the night shift is usually associated with stress and improper diet. Digestion is adversely affected by irregular and mismatched intake of food, which often consists of fast foods and unhealthy snacks.

Even if the night shift can not be completely changed due to work-related reasons, one should pay attention to a corresponding balance through a vitamin-rich, well-balanced diet, a healthy lifestyle and exercise in the fresh air.

Colon cancer – a matter of the heart of the Felix Burda Foundation
Early detection is immensely important in colon cancer. Because with no other cancer, there are as many chances of recovery in the early stages as in colon cancer. Every year, 61,000 people in Germany receive the diagnosis of colon cancer, as the “Felix Burda Foundation” informs.

Most people believe that colon cancer is a topic for people over 50 years old. But this is not the case, because even young people can meet it. The tumor may grow unnoticed in the intestine, the number of new cases has increased by eleven percent.

If the cancer is already well advanced, it may be too late. Therefore, the “Felix Burda Foundation” wants to draw attention to the topic in a new video with the actor Oliver Korittke (50).

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