Fiat 500 special models – always out of line

Fiat 500 Car Model

For 12 years, the Fiat 500 has made its stable contribution to the Group result in retro style. The fact that the Italian is so popular over such a long period certainly depends on the special model strategy.

When the modern Fiat 500 was presented on 4 July 2007, this was a turning point in the model policy of the Italian group. Finally, an eye-catching model with character, based on the Nuova 500 presented exactly 50 years ago. He had already made it to the cult classic at this time – it was a smart move marketing technology, to build on this fame. But to ensure the success of the Fiat 500 for a long time, a second marketing gimmick was needed: namely to reinvent the Cinquecento over again. So early on, the group has started to issue special models.

Already one year after the market launch, the Italians brought “500 by Diesel” – recognizable, for example, in the exclusive exterior paint in a shade of green as well as the seat covers made of genuine denim.Fat time and again, Fiat works with well-known brand names that come from the lifestyle industry. Whether fashion labels such as Gucci or the cooperation with the famous motorboat manufacturer Riva – the special models arouse longing.This is what the “Riva” with gear knob made of solid mahogany and other wood inserts.

The Fiat 500 special models are sometimes whimsical, colorful or simply rare: While most editions are simply noted in the price lists for a certain amount of time, others are strictly limited: Those by the Israeli conceptual artist Ron Arad with a graphic Fiat 500 silhouette on black Lack provided edition was created in an edition of only 200 copies, of which just under a quarter should have reached Germany.

Pop culture also plays a role in the edition models. For the limited to 500 copies “America” ​​Jennifer Lopez was in the associated music clip without further ado to the Cinquecento driver, and years before – the fiftieth birthday – made Fiat with the shrill-pink 500 Barbie by itself.

Sometimes a special model also serves as an ambassador of new technologies: the 500 Cult introduced in 2014 had a large TFT monitor as the central display for the first time, before the regular models were also equipped in this way. Legendary is also the “Vintage” model released four years ago with rims in retro style and historic liveries.

The latest special model creations now listen to the names “Star” and “Rockstar”, which are available from 16,790 euros each. The standard equipment includes, for example, the ability to connect the smartphone via Apple CarPlay or Android Auto with the system and a six-month free access to Apple Music. The “star” stands out above all by the exterior paint in the so-called “Stella white”, a tone that has pink shades and is likely to memorize. On the specifically painted dashboard, the connoisseur identifies the “Star” as well as the “Rockstar”, which comes in either a matt green tone (Portofino matte green) and with seat cushions in pinstripe style.

By the way, the next special model will not be long in coming: just in time for the anniversary of the historic performance of the Nuova 500, on July 4, another cinquecento for collectors will enter the stage.

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