For healthy skin at any age: what care does the skin really need?

For healthy skin at any age

Over time, a lot is changing – especially our skin. Depending on the age and phase of life, not only do new nursing needs arise, but also completely new care ingredients come to the fore, which can satisfy these needs. With these tips, we ensure healthy skin at any age!

One thing is clear in terms of skin care: More than ever before, it’s all about having not only beautiful, but above all, healthy skin. After all, skin health is ultimately what makes beauty possible in the first place. Exactly this realization ensures the steadily growing interest in highly-compatible, intensive and, above all, trustworthy care systems. These are mainly found in the area of ​​medical skin care – for the whole family.

But what makes medical skin care actually? Well, it is mainly their contained care ingredients and their scope. Stressful skin problems, which are expressed by irritated, itchy, irritated or impure skin, are only one field of application for medical skin care. In addition, it is used in problem skin conditions such as acne, rosacea or eczema. Always in focus: the skin’s health – and therefore exactly what is becoming increasingly important in stressful, modern everyday life.

1st phase: baby skin

Nursing needs: “As little as necessary, as effective as possible!” – It is above all this guiding principle that accompanies parents in the first years of skin care for their children. One thing is always preached to them from the first bath to the first wound care: baby skin is extremely sensitive. Nevertheless, she needs care, albeit gentle. This is especially true if it is strained in infancy due to irritation and irritation. Problematic skin conditions such as atopic dermatitis or diaper dermatitis challenge the sensitive skin as well as the body’s own protective barrier – and provide completely new care needs.

Care claim: For maximum health, the skin needs care that is perfectly attuned to its properties – in the case of baby skin this means: used care products should have been specially developed for sensitive baby skin. Introducing the own (adult) care routine also with the baby, would be accordingly a fatal parent mistake for the sensitive skin of the smallest ones. Instead, a light texture, the highest level of compatibility and intensive care with the power of nature are the qualities that are important for healthy baby skin. Dry and therefore stressed baby skin needs especially in the preservation of its own protective mechanism ‘support. The latter can provide care complexes and active ingredients that form a breathable protective film. It can protect the skin from stress and thus prevent irritation.

Care ingredients : The highly compatible emulsion is not only free of fragrances and dyes as well as paraffins and parabens, but also relies on a proven active complex with active ingredients from nature. The extract of the medicinal plant Färberwaid is known for its anti-inflammatory effect, it also contains moisturizing aloe vera and soothing green tea. In addition, sea buckthorn pulp oil may be barrier-strengthening, shea butter moisturizing and panthenol may be beneficial for the resolution of redness. DERMASENCE Vitop forte Junior can thus be a real protective shield for the skin of infants and toddlers from three months and is therefore particularly suitable as a companion care for atopic dermatitis or as a preventive care for diaper dermatitis.

2nd phase: Young skin

Nursing needs: We are getting older – and our skin is aging. However, it is not just the natural slowing down of the skin’s regeneration processes that begins as early as the age of 20 that determines our need for care over time. In addition, young skin is exposed to tremendous strain, which mainly results from our daily level of activity. With the implementation of our life and career plans, hobbies & Co., we challenge our skin. In spring, we constantly switch between warm heating air in the office and plenty of time in the fresh spring air, in summer, the exposure to sunlight are just as extreme. Young skin just as rarely settles down, as we ourselves …

Nursing claim: In order to be able to defy loads, young skin needs support. This is especially true when it reacts through problem states such as itching and dryness. Because while the skin in the cold season reduces the production of sebum and their acid mantle is greatly weakened, the skin barrier at high temperatures is also in need of care and vulnerable. How is she supposed to calm down? Innovative medical skincare goes straight to the point here: DERMASENCE Vitop forte provides protection and can help the skin to calm down.

Care ingredients: The protective effect is mainly due to the unique combination of dyer’s worm extract, green tea and aloe vera. Because of this combination, the popular care cream can stimulate the skin’s own regeneration processes, thus providing help to the self-help that young skin can (still) afford. The skin’s moisture content can be maintained thanks to the breathable protective film that lays over the skin and imitates its own sebum (self-produced sebum to maintain skin moisture). In addition, inflammation processes can be prevented, which occur especially in dry skin. Irritation, itching and swelling can be reduced with DERMASENCE Vitop forte – for a healthy young skin!

3rd phase: Mature skin

Need for care: Above all, it is the constant depletion of important, skin-own substances, which makes it difficult for us over time to feel comfortable in our skin. Actually, thanks to their ingredients, the cells themselves provide everything that makes the skin feel good, that is: moisture, elasticity and resilience. But not only the time, also environmental pollution soon become true “stress makers”. In short, we can not stop the skin aging, but we can make it as comfortable as possible – with medical skin care!

Nursing claim: As fast as young skin can react to hectic everyday life with irritations, so demanding is mature skin. Especially she is susceptible to dehydration, especially she needs intensive care, especially she needs a lot of support. Especially in terms of skin aging, many effects are important when choosing the right skin care. And this is precisely where the benefits of a medical care system that meets anti-aging needs are satisfied – such as DERMASENCE Chrono retare for skin 45+: It can act holistically to counteract damaging aging processes in a natural way and also to protect the health of mature skin.

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