Ford C-Max – Off for the compact van

Ford C-Max - Off for the compact van

Vans are out, Ford wants to save. Both together now ensures the production of the C-Max.

Ford discontinues production of the compact Vans C-Max and Grand C-Max at the end of June. The Family Mobile are based on the recently detached generation of the Ford Focus and are at the end of their life cycle after nearly nine years of construction. Successors are not planned.

The five-seat C-Max and the seven-seat long version Gran C-Max suffer like all vans from falling popularity. The place of the classic family and wide-bodied cars is taken more and more by SUV. At Ford, the crossover Kuga, whose third generation celebrates its premiere soon, is one of the strongest competitors in-house. In the German registration statistics for 2018, the Kuga reaches about 42,000 units twice as many entries as C-Max and Grand C-Max together.

The fact that the Vans are an obsolete model, could be expected after the announcement of the US headquarters, thinning out the model range and want to focus on future SUVs. In addition, the decision to announce plans to reduce around 5,000 jobs in Germany fits in well. In Saarlouis, the volume model Focus is being built alongside the C-Max.

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