Genesis G70 – The next one please

Genesis G70 - The next one please

Lexus is struggling and Infiniti has just given up. But that does not stop Genesis from seeking happiness in Europe as well. At the beginning of the next decade, the elegant Hyundai sister wants to compete against Audi, BMW and Mercedes – including the G70.

“The Genesis G70, of course, it’s over there.” What would make any European parking attendant to a seemingly impossible task is an easy task for the Valet Service guys at the five-star Florida hotel, because it’s theirs The Korean mid-size sedan for two years to the streets and the brand even a little longer.

But if it goes after Manfred Fitzgerald, should the service staff German hotels, just like the fleet managers and the company car driver with us ever so slowly get used to the winged logo on the grille. For Fitzgerald is the boss of the noble Hyundai daughter and wants to sell his cars in less than two years in Europe. The fact that the preponderance of German premium manufacturers here is particularly large bothers him just as little as the suffering of Lexus, who come to us for 20 years on no green branch. And the capitulating retreat of the Nissan sister Infiniti leaves him cold:

“For several years, the brand has been successful in the Korean home market. Genesis is currently systematically opening up the US market. Europe with its demanding national markets is the next step in the consistent development of the world market, “says the brand leader and can not be scared:” For any brand with a global strategy, the development of Europe is a must, so Genesis has basically decided for itself to enter the European luxury car market in the next few years
The offensive will start with a brand new SUV in the Jaguar F-Pace class. But because its premiere has yet to celebrate in autumn, the G70 must serve as a harbinger. The Korean entry-level sedan was unveiled two years ago, is currently the Koreans’ freshest car and more or less successful in the rest of the world against cars like the Audi A4, the BMW 3 Series and the Mercedes C-Class.

The Genesis impresses at first glance, especially by its design. Not only because it looks brisk and fresh, it’s not as baroque as Infiniti’s and not as over-the-top as Lexus. But above all – and that’s a parallel to the other high-end brands from the Far East – because it stands out from the German monotony and you can settle with the army of other company car drivers.

While the G70 looks fresh on the outside and fits nicely into the classroom with its 4.69 meters, things look a bit different on the inside. The moderate space conditions in the rear should not be disturbed, that’s no different with the German top dogs. But that just from the home of Samsung & Co is still a luxury model with analog instruments and a comparatively small touch screen along with antiquated knob on the center tunnel comes, then it is surprising. Especially since Genesis does not skimp on the electronics and equips the G70 with all the assistants that the big corporation has to offer.

The drive in Korea and the US take a 3.3-liter V6 gasoline engine with 271 kW / 370 hp and a top speed of 270 km / h or a 2.0-liter four-cylinder, it to 187 kW / 255 hp brings. In addition, there is still a diesel with 2.2 liters displacement and 148 kW / 202 hp, for whose future in export but no one dares to forecast.

Who is on the way with the little petrol engine, which is once again surprised by the outsider in fine thread. The four-cylinder sounds a little strained, but at the first exit at eye level with Audi & Co. He is with his maximum 360 Nm sufficiently strong and accelerates the approximately 1.7-ton sports sedan in just seven seconds from 0 to 100 km / H. When overtaking is enough kickdown, you are already past the front man, and much is missing up to the usual 250 things in this class nothing.

Of course, the success of Genesis will depend not only on branding and sales, but also on the price, about which one can not even speculate at present. But if the Koreans succeed in getting willing to change behind the wheel, they are already a good way ahead. Because in terms of driving dynamics of the G70 is better than all the other upstarts in the upper middle class: A new rear-wheel drive platform with the option of all-wheel, precise steering, a tight suspension, a clean-tuned eight-speed automatic transmission and three driving profiles each with a very distinctive character – so the G70 makes fun off the highways and feels almost a bit like BMW. No wonder, after all, no one less responsible for the vote than the former head of development of BMW M GmbH.

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