Google Maps will let you know if your taxi driver deviates from the fastest route

Google Maps

Whether you use Uber, Cabify or if you use taxis, there are always people who try to cheat in some way. It is not a problem of the platform, but of the people. And that’s where the latest Google Maps news seems to want to enter .

According to the specialized forum XDA Developers , Google is developing a version of Google Maps that allows you to activate an alert if the phone detects that your taxi driver has left the fastest route and is trying to do more kilometers to charge you more.

It is a novelty that is currently only available in India , but according to those who have already informed, as soon as a taxi deviates more than 500 meters from the fastest route, the mobile will notify you of what is happening.

This function can not only come well to avoid cheating when you know a city very well and the taxi driver decides to go on a route that you do not know or do not think is the best, but it can also be useful if you visit a new city and the driver consider that you can cheat because you are a tourist.

More importantly, in countries where there is smuggling of people and the taxi is used as a vehicle for kidnappings, this measure could be of some help to notify the authorities or to react more quickly.

This new feature of Google Maps adds to another recently added that warns you of radars on the road so that, when you are the one you are driving, reduce speed as you approach the section with a radar.

In the past, Google Maps has also included other functions to facilitate driving , such as indicators of traffic jams and accidents or advice to park in areas with more seats.

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