Harley-Davidson Live wire – Award for Germany

Harley-Davidson Live wire - Award for Germany

Harley-Davidson plans to launch its Live wire electric model in Germany later this year. Her price is handsome even for a Harley.

Earlier this year, Harley-Davidson presented the upcoming electric model Live wire at CES, revealing driving values ​​and the price of the US market. At the Geneva Motor Show (7 to 17 March) followed by the European premiere and details about the market launch in Germany.

Accordingly, from April 2019, orders from European customers will be accepted. The first deliveries are planned for the fourth quarter. The price in this country is around 33,000 euros. In the US, the e-bike costs the equivalent of around 26,000 euros.

The first electrically powered motorcycle of the cult brand offers some impressive basic data. According to the Sprint from the state to 96 km / h last well three seconds. A maximum of 177 km / h are in it. The range in city mode indicate the Americans with 225 kilometers. In Highway mode, it shrinks to 142 kilometers.

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