New Details: Is she Hiding at Kensington Palace?

New Details: Is she Hiding at Kensington Palace?

Haya bint al-Hussein secretly left her husband – the common children and a handsome sum of money took her away. Apparently, the princess has deposed to London. But that does not remain without consequences.

Their escape from Dubai has made headlines: Haya bint al-Hussein, 45, is believed to have left her husband Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, 69, the ruler of Dubai and deputy prime minister of the United Arab Emirates after 15 years of marriage. The British media have been reporting for days. At first it was said that the princess and her two children had deposed to Germany with the help of a German diplomat, claiming asylum there. But these reports denied the Federal Government at a press conference on Monday (1 July). “I can not confirm these reports. We have no information on this fact reported in the press “, said the spokeswoman for the Foreign Office, Maria Adebahr. The Ministry of the Interior spokesman also said that the Ministry had no relevant information.

According to the New York Times, the sheikh’s second wife lives in London instead. There she hides in a house in the immediate vicinity of Kensington Palace. The house and estate have an estimated value of about 95 million euros. To the British Royal Family – and especially to Queen Elizabeth(93) – the native Jordanian has a good relationship. In the past, as equestrian lovers, they often met at Ascot and drank tea in private. Now she has been in the British capital for several months, applying for asylum and filing for divorce. The High Court of Justice in London has already ordered a court hearing, according to the British media. A bitter rose war is flourishing. The abandoned Emir published several poems about his wife on his website. Conclusion of the second: “I do not care if you live or die”. Haya’s still-husband wants to claim sole custody of the two children, reports Daily Mail. Then they would probably return to Dubai with him. Haya would not have access to them.

Escape from the Emirate is not an isolated case

Princess Haya is the younger half-sister of the Jordanian king Abdullah(57) and married since 2004 with the sheikh from Dubai. The 45-year-old is the youngest of Maktoum’s six wives, with whom the Emir is said to have fathered 30 children, according to his daughter. There are no official numbers. Haya studied at the elite British university in Oxford, where she earned a master’s degree in political science, philosophy and economics. It is well connected in the UK. She is not the first woman in her husband’s family to dare to escape. Already in the year 2000 fled with Sheika Shamsa (38) a daughter of the Emir. She escaped her father’s property in Surrey County, southeast England. But only a few weeks later she was abducted in the street in Cambridge and brought back to Dubai. Her younger sister Latifa (33) made a video before her own escape attempt, in which she reported that her sister had since been held and sedated with medication. She also reported there on torture, mistreatment and killings, which took place within the family at the behest of the Emir.

Latifa himself left the emirate last year with the goal never to return. According to a BBC documentary, she had planned her escape for seven years. With a yacht, she came just before the shores of India. Final goal of their escape should have been the US. But the ship was picked up by the Indian Coast Guard at sea and the young woman was taken away. While her two escapees were released some time later, the track Latifas lost first. In December, her father published a statement saying she was celebrating her 33rd birthday “private and peaceful” with her family.

Controversial visit to Dubai

Since then she has not been seen in public. However, the court has released footage of her appearance with former UN High Commissioner for Human Rights and former Irish President Mary Robinson (75). The recordings should show that Sheika lives and she is fine. Officially it was said that she had not fled, but has fallen victim to a kidnapping plot. The video regrets her now.

Princess Haya, who had long had a good relationship with Robinson, had threaded the visit back then. Both women were then sharply criticized by both media and human rights organizations, who expressed significant doubts about the official account. Latifa looked bloated in the pictures, absent-minded and uninvolved. Friends of Haya now report to the British Daily Mail that the princess believed her husband back then. After public criticism of Robinson’s visit, she has begun to ask questions about Latifa. When she later learned the truth, she was horrified. The revelation was one of the reasons for her escape. She was afraid that something similar might happen to her or her children.

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