No backing for Sarah: pronunciation with Oli Pocher

No backing for Sarah: pronunciation with Oli Pocher

Recently, Oliver Pocher and his girlfriend Amira Aly publicly criticized Sarah Lombardi for always presenting her son Alessio on social networks. In an interview, the comedian talks to Pietro – Sarah does not get away well.

Once again Sarah Lombardi (26) was publicly criticized for the education of her son Alessio. This time it was from Oliver Pocher (41) and his girlfriend Amira Aly (26) . In an interview with RTL, the entertainer said: “Celebrities who market their children, in any way and especially on the Internet, I find really totally off the mark and in a certain way antisocial. It does not have to be, because children are defenseless. “When Amira tells her she does not want to give any names, but to say publicly that her own child is still in the diaper, she did not think it was alright. Pocher just asked, “Did Sarah Lombardi do that?”, Which Amira confirmed with “Yes.”

Oliver Pocher leads by example

An RTL interview should now be followed by a chat in front of the camera. Pietro Lombardi (27) and Oliver Pocher made the statement of Pochers girlfriend again to the topic.

“Even if it’s not up to me, I would not show his son anymore,” Pocher said in an interview. The comedian sets a good example by himself. Of his children, there is not a single known image on the net. His ex-wife Sandy Meyer-Wölden lives with the three children in Miami, Florida.

Pietro strikes Oliver Pocher’s side

For Pocher it is clear: celebrities should not constantly present their children to the public. This obviously looks a little different to Sarah Lombardi and to everyone’s surprise, Pietro agrees with the entertainer and falls in the back of his ex-wife. Pietro showed his son more often on his Instagram account in the past.

As far as Oliver Pocher is concerned, Pietro says, “He’s right about what he’s saying. It’s perfectly true, you should not somehow actively show a little boy or girl, without really wanting or understanding what is going on. The most important thing is that we are united in education, about what, he is allowed and what is not. And if she wants to show him, let her do it. ”

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