Now she herself speaks to the accident charges

Now she herself speaks to the accident charges

After the traffic accident a few days ago, an eyewitness accused her of driving away. Daniela has now commented herself.

At the beginning of the week Daniela Büchner (41) had to experience an absolute shock moment. She has overlooked a scooter driver in the blind spot . Fortunately, nothing bad has happened to the woman, she only wore light wounds. Daniela continues to report to the woman in the hospital a large bouquet of flowers. But then an eyewitness spoke up, claiming that Daniela had not helped after the accident, but just standing there motionless and watching the other helpers. In an interview with “” now Daniela herself spoke to the allegations.

“I thought, this is a nightmare”

Daniela is still shocked by the accident. “I thought, this is a nightmare! I’ll get goose bumps now, “said the 41-year-old still visibly taken. But what does she say to the allegations of the eyewitness? “It’s true, I got up when everyone got around it, as if in a state of shock.” Her fear: “At that moment, I thought, oh God, not that something happened again.” There was never any evil intention or even indifference , Only a human reaction to the big shock.

Since November Daniela mourns for her beloved husband Jens, who had to leave too early. In the video below you can see a hitherto unpublished video of him showing how he really was.

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