Piaggio MP3 500 hpe Sport Advanced – 3 wheels with reverse gear


With the weight of a two- or three-wheeler, the effort to maneuver it also increases. Piaggio now helps with the 500 tricycle.

The Piaggio engineers have now developed a reversing aid for the 275 kilogram MP3 500 hpe tilting scooter; It is an electrically operated gear train that could be integrated into the drive housing.

It is activated by pressing the starter switch, if in the cockpit a shift key has been changed from position “D” (Drive) to “R” (Reverse). At the press of a button, the 500er moves backwards. The speed is limited to 2.0 km / h, the maximum time is limited to 20 seconds. The slope of the terrain must not be steeper than a remarkable 18 percent, with pillion still 15 percent. The front wheels should be locked when reversing to prevent falling over.

The price of the MP3 500 hpe Sport Advanced is 11.115 euros; He is thus 400 euros more expensive than the MP3 500 hpe sports, which he otherwise corresponds to the rich equipment.

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