Revealed! These tips for summer 2019 can only be given by insiders

Revealed! These tips for summer 2019 can only be given by insiders

The next holiday should be unforgettable? Then insider tips are indispensable. Because they bring us exactly what we are looking for: new experiences. But what do insiders know better? And how do we get their valuable tips?

Summer, sun and absolute wanderlust: In hardly any other season is the desire so great to collect new impressions, to discover the world and its most beautiful corners or just to switch off, as now in the summer. How practical it would be if we always had a contact person at all dream destinations in the world. Someone who tells us where to find peace. Someone who inspires us to make real adventures. And someone who always has the best information.

In short, with insider tips it travels (even better). Just stupid that we can not know everywhere local people – but how do we then come to the crucial insider tips? We clarify!

Insider knowledge, …

  1. … where we still find true idyll – always.
    Portugal has hardly any quiet corners to offer? And in Scotland, finding places to enjoy the atmosphere without tourist groups is becoming increasingly difficult. By the way: Insiders always teach us a better way. This is especially true in the search for untouched nature. In tourist regions, it is not so easy to find – unless you rely on said insider knowledge.

With insider tips: Suddenly we rediscover supposedly well-known destinations again. Very enriching! Would you have thought that in the popular tourist destination of Portugal in fact still find the most original landscapes? For example, thanks to the many insider tips that MARCO POLO has in every travel guide, we know that in the Parque Natural de Montesinho it can happen that you can not meet a soul for hours. Or how about a sunrise in the middle of the Callanish Standing Stones on the Scottish island of Lewis? You will find this and many other valuable insider tips

2 … when we can also take breaks in active holidays.

Shutdown starts for many to be active. Explore new boundaries, challenge your body in a completely different way, outgrow yourself and forget about everyday life – whether doing sports in the mountains or in the water. But where do we get a fabulous panorama or the most delicious snack for all the activity?

Insider tips: Active holidays are trendy – that’s why the usual destinations are quickly overrun. What we need now: Inspiration. And they can offer insiders, as the free trend magazine proves. It does not always have to be hiking. How about, for example, canyoning through the gorges of Majorca? The MARCO POLO travel guide for the popular holiday island offers many other adventure tours. Or is it allowed to be a flamenco course, as proposed in the trend magazine for Andalusia? And for the best coffee break during the bike tour through Amsterdam we would also have a tip in the magazine ready – or several in the MARCO POLO travel guide Amsterdam .

3 Which tour is really worthwhile?

Speaking of active: Especially on tours we need real insider knowledge. Because even if the smartphone reception leaves something to be desired, we should feel safe and know the way. But how does that work?

Insider knowledge: the smallest (and probably smartest!) Insider guide in the travel world: the MARCO POLO app for adventure tours. So we see at a glance – sorry – click, where to go. In addition to your travel guide in practical book format and the removable folding card, you can also download the best tours to your smartphone via the “MARCO POLO Adventure Tours ” app available on the iTunes Store or Google Play Store (eg via QR code in the travel guide). All information about the tours such as time and distance information, waypoints and GPS localization you have so always at hand. Plus: With the update service of MARCO POLO you will not miss any news

4 … how we come to rest.

Tours and activities are great – but holidays should be there for relaxation. Just relaxing is at least as important for all-round relaxation. But where is that possible?

Insider knowledge: Exclusive spots that allow you to relax and learn mindfulness? Only insiders can know that – and, thanks to MARCO POLO, pass it on to you in the free summer . An example: a visit to the botanical garden in Gardone on Lake Garda, which offers soothing water features and modern art. Or a drop-out experience on the Baltic coast of Mecklenburg-Vorpommern. Or may it be a stay in a trendy retreat including vegetarian lunch in the Algarve?

5 … which we better avoid.

The destination is found, the suitcase is packed, the first night at the chosen destination is on – and you have no idea how to say “hello” in the local language. Whether it is already a no-go to dodge the obligtären “Hello”? Especially in such moments we need insider tips!

With insider knowledge: From tourist trap to cultural faux pas: We should not make some mistakes on vacation! Insiders are still best at knowing what should be considered in the selected travel destination. Or one relies on MARCO POLO while traveling: Because at the end of each tour guide exactly this information can be found in the “just not …” chapter. Any questions?

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