Rumbling in the dirt! This trip is very much for Mia’s daughter’s taste

Zara Phillips

In the bumper car, in the grass or just in the mud: Mia Tindall celebrated her very own party in Norfolk. While Mama Zara measured her powers in show jumping, the little girl was just having a good time.

What a day! Zara Phillips (37), granddaughter of Queen Elizabeth II . (92), was on horseback with her horse at the Horse Trials in Burnham and had brought enthusiastic supporters. Not only husband Mike Tindall (40), but also daughter Mia Grace (5) were part of the party. In addition to the encouragement of Mama there was plenty of time for romping on a beautiful spring day. The baby of the family, the little Lena Tindall (9 months), stays in the stroller and watches the world with her big blue eyes.

Proud Mia: Mama is Vice Olympic Champion, World and European Champion

The Spring event in Norfolk was open to the public, well attended and high profile cast. Mia’s athletic mother Zara Phillips had won the European Championships in eventing on several occasions and in 2006 became world champion in Aachen. Their greatest success, however, is likely to have been the silver medal at the 2012 Olympics in their own country. As early as 2007, she was named a member of the “Order of the British Empire” for her achievements. In recent years , Zara Phillips also suffered several equestrian accidents , even in the presence of her daughter.

Sport in royal blood: father plays as a rugby star for England

Mia, who owns a baby sister for nine months with Lena Elizabeth, has not only inherited her enjoyment of exercise, but not only from her mother. Dad Mike Tindall, who clearly enjoyed racing with his older daughter on race day, is considered one of England’s best rugby players and vice-captain of the national team after many injuries that later continued to persecute him.

Family happiness after two miscarriages

Zara Phillips and Mike Tindall, who today are a really happy family with their two daughters, also suffered many setbacks in recent years. In 2016, a royal family spokesman announced the sad news that Zara had lost her unborn child in the fourth month of pregnancy. Later in the Sunday Times, Zara Phillips reported that she had already had a miscarriage at a young age.

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