Sono Motors Sion Comes 2019 – On the Home Straight

Sono Motors Sion Comes 2019 - On the Home Straight

In recent years, a few electric car start-ups have started, and often disappeared again without sound and sound from the scene. Sono Motors, on the other hand, seems to be on the home straight to the market launch.

The Munich E-car start-up Sono Motors approaches the market launch with its first model, the Van Sion. In the meantime, the crowdfunding company has published pictures of the final design, launch date, price and technical data.

Even the latest design makes the spacious five-door no beauty, but the van format offers advantages in everyday life. As in the first drafts, the Sion retains the photovoltaic cells integrated in the outer skin. The 248 cells are expected to generate electricity for up to 34 kilometers per day, promises Sono Motors. However, this information may differ greatly depending on the season and weather. In a cloudy December, the daily range from self-produced electricity drops to three kilometers. This independently produced power lands in a 35 kWh battery housed in an aluminum spaceframe chassis. It is designed to guarantee 250 kilometers of range regardless of the productivity of the on-board power plant. The electricity can not only be used for driving,

It is powered by a 4.29 meter long e-van from a 120 kW / 163 hp and 290 Newton meters strong electric motor. The start is, typical e-car, sparkling: Tempo 100 reaches the 1.4-tonne from a standstill in nine seconds. The top speed falls with 140 km / h, however, quite modest.
The interior with tidy cockpit is designed for utility. There are five seats and a 650-liter trunk. If the backrest is folded down, there is room for 1,100 liters of luggage. The 60 to 40 divisible backrest is part of the standard equipment, as is the full-surface integration of the solar cells. This also includes LED headlights, front seats, windows, automatic air conditioning and a 10-inch display infotainment system. The safety features are also impressive. Finally, the networking of the vehicle basically allows a car, ride and power sharing.

Given the bidding, the price of 25,500 euros for the electric car seems pleasingly low. However, the start-up started with an originally announced price of less than 20,000 euros. You can already reserve now. Allegedly, Sono Motors already has over 9,500 pre-orders. At the end of 2019, the first vehicles will be handed over to customers.

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