Theft protection for cars – more or less brutal

Theft protection for cars - more or less brutal

Car thieves should have it harder in the future. How technology can help in a new way against thieves, currently show Tesla and Toyota. The Japanese are surprisingly brutal.

Alarm siren and immobilizer are from yesterday. Modern cars can defend themselves much more intelligent and effectively against thieves. And in the future will be really rabid, just like the otherwise rather peace-loving occurring Toyota Group shows.

The Japanese have recently patented a system that not only thwarts thieves, but also puts them out of action. In unauthorized use, the car in the interior targeted tear gas release – via a built-in air freshener, which should normally provide a pleasant smell in the vehicle. That there are concrete plans for the implementation of the technology is doubtful. Even a legitimate driver should not feel comfortable with a tank full of teargas in his back.

That such brutality for effective theft protection is not necessary, Tesla shows currently with the newly introduced in the US Guard mode for his vehicles. In the so-called “Sentry Mode”, the cameras of the assistance systems are kept in readiness, for example, when a passerby touches the vehicle, makes video recordings and reports it via the cockpit screen Volume music and the screen lights up at maximum brightness, the keeper receives a message on his mobile phone, the smartphone also downloads the camera shots, and the Sentry mode has to be switched on every time a car park is parked the technology is coming to Europe is still unclear.

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